My Camera, the Journal Keeper.

My Camera, the Journal Keeper. collection.

…my collection.

Journals have always been my thing. What did I beg my mother for at the Variety Store? The latest Lisa Frank or Barbie diary complete with lock and key. One of my favorite childhood movies? Harriet the Spy. The notebook in my favorite color for school? Yep, that one was marked “Journal” every single year. What I thought was the best gift ever from my sister on September 30th, 2000? A sparkly purple notebook that I could cover with stickers and make my new diary. Where did I write about my childhood crush (whom I now date, by the way)? Yep, in a notebook. What was the title of my persuasive speech in Forensics in high school? “Journal Your Way to a Better Life”. And the props I brought for my senior pictures? I am sure you can guess. My collection of the books.

Okay, you get the picture. (No pun intended… hehe.)

I have always LOVED to write. So much that I even tried to start my neighborhood’s very own newspaper. I take pride in the fact that my mother once said that I seemed to be able to write and put complete sentences together before I could even read very well. What?! I have always wanted to talk and express myself?! Imagine that!

I kept journals pretty well up until college. Life turned up the crazy notch and it seemed I was here, there and everywhere. It was at that time that I now realize the camera took the place of the pencil.

Photography has turned into the absolute perfect way for me to document this amazing life. I even get to document other people’s lives for them! I get to pour my heart into my photographs. I capture moments the way my eye views them. I am able to show importance and significance and VALUE with the images I capture. I can look back on my photography and be sent right back to that time, feel the way I felt when my senses first experienced the moment. I say each of these statements with increasing intensity. That is how passionate I am about this creative hobby. This art. This career.

Tallulah Bankhead once said, “It’s the good girls who keep diaries, the bad girls never have the time.”

That quote has always stuck with me for some odd reason.

Now I just find myself wondering if I still count as a “good girl” since I use the camera to “write” or if I am now considered a “bad girl” because I don’t seem to have the time for pen and paper? :) I think it’s okay to be a little of both.

P.S. I wasn’t kidding about the senior photograph with my “props”… :) See below.

The passion is real!

The passion is real!

And this concludes my very first blog post on my new site, hope you have enjoyed! I have TONS of ideas for more, as you can imagine… some silly and funny, some serious and reflective, and some just about the dang photographs! Stay tuned!


k-la “harriet the spy” capture

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