about k-la capture

I am the type of photographer that drives away from a wedding, dead on my feet, in the pitch black, wishing there was just a little more light to shoot a bit more. I am the type of photographer that sees an adorable family out and about and wishes we could break into an impromptu shoot. I am the type of photographer that photographs a high school senior and enjoys their company so much that I want to hang out and be actual friends with them.

I love people. I love photography. The fact that I have a career that mixes these two elements day in and day out is unbelievable. I am truly, truly blessed.

My very first camera was from a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal box. I still have the roll of film from that monumental instrument. My five-ish year old self created images of the local park, my bicycle, my puppy dog, my family members, and other sights in my small hometown. I love the randomness, the innocence, and the inspiration in these photographs so much.

The best photograph is the one that grabs the emotion, the interaction, and the REAL-ness of a moment. My eyes are always searching for this. Photographs “save” moments. I am an extremely sentimental person. Life is crazy and change happens so quickly that I believe it is imperative to do what we are able to savor special moments as long as we can.

I began Capture in November of 2011. I have done thousands of portrait sessions (yes, I am serious, it’s been a wild 3.5 years!) and after this year I will have done about 75 weddings. Experience has always been my teacher. I like to think my style is a mix of creative with romantic with modern with traditional. Does that make sense? (Haha!)

Maybe the best way to show you my style is to let you see for yourself…

Enjoy, my friends! :)